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If you are staying in the apartment over 10 days, a cleaning lady will drop by. Clean sheets and towels will also be provided.


Public transport

Safe, quick and cheap.

  • From airports to City Center use RER

Count approximatly 45 minutes to get to Paris center and a few more minutes by metro to reach your final destination.

  • From railway stations

All are located in City Center

Other means of transportation


Private transfer

The most confortable way of getting into Paris after a long flight. This service must be booked in advance.Please refer to us for rates. Driver will personnally welcome you at your terminal and drive you directly to your destination


You may have to share the shuttle with other clients. Therefore, there will be other drop offs. Must be booked in advance.


You will easily find a taxi outside your terminal. This service does not require prior booking upon arrival

These means of transportation are the same whether you are arriving or departing from Paris. Except for taxi services from Paris to airport between 07.00 am and 10 :30 am where there will be a € 5 booking fee.