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  1. Find and book a flat :

Once you have an intrest in a flat, you can send me an email on louisambassadeur@yahoo.com; if the flat is available I will send you a booking form. If it isn’t I will recomend you an équivalent one in the same area.

Once you have decided to book it , you will receive a contract by email.

To finalize and secure the booking fill and sign the form and resend it to the sender.

You will have to send a bank draft of 20%-30% on the owners bank account (add a 20€ banking fee) Or via PAYPAL.

Once all thèse détails have been cleared, you will receive a confirmation by email.

  1. Do I need a house insurance to rent a flat ?

No you do not, our insurance will cover damages from fire explosions to,floodings,.
The insurance Policy covers renters, Neighbors and third parties.

  1. When and how shall I make the final payement ?

A month prior your first day of rental, we ask for the total amount. Send a bank draft on the owners bank account (add a 20€ for banking process fee) Or via PAYPAL.

In cash on the day of your arrival or in Euros travellers check.

For last minute réservations, on your arrival, you will have to pay the total amount in cash or in Euros travellers check.

  1. Payments are accepted :

– Bank drafts (add a 20€ for banking process fee)

– In euros bank checks.

– In cash.


Be aware that if youp ay by bank draft you will have to add a processing fee and that the account number is mentioned on the contract.

  1. What is the deposit used for and and how do you get a refund ?

We will take your credit card number to cover any kind of damages that could happen during the time of your stay. The amount of the deposit is from 200€-300€ according to the size of your flat.

After your departure , the owner of the flat will check if everything is in good order and if it is the case he will tear the credit card details.

If it is not the case and if he notices any damages, he will contact you to give you the amount of the repairs and deduct it from your credit card deposit.

Some owners ask for a cash or a travellers check deposit from 200€-300€ according to the size of your flat. During your departure the owner will check with you the state of the flat and if all is clear, he will return your deposit.

  1. Length of stay ?

Rentals have a minimum of four consecutive days. If you stay over seven days, you will have to pay the same amount as a week rental.

You can rent a flat for as long as you wish.

  1. Extend my stay ?

It is possible only if the flat is the flat is available and if you ask to extend your stay during the time of your rental, you will have a three days garanty.

It will be void after three days if you did not sign an amendment to the contract.

  1. Can friends stay over in the flat ?

We allow your friends to stay in the flat if there is enough sleeping spaces, however, be precise on the number of résidents in the flat, they have to be written on the rental contract.

If you wish to modify the amount, mention it at least two weeks in advance to give enough time to write a new contract and re-organize the supplies.

In clear, you have to specify the number of nights and persons staying with you.

  1. Set , pick ups and drop offs to and from the airport.

We can book a shuttle on both ends :

  • On arrival, from the airport to your flat.
  • On departure from your flat to the airport.

To arrange private transfers, we would need to know before hand, check with us for the fees. It is easy and hassle free as your private driver will wait for you at your terminal and drive you to your flat.

Call us and we will book this service for you.

  1. Welcoming your arrival.

You will personally be greeted in Paris to show you the place and hand you the keys of the flat.

It will also be the time to show you your whereabouts and give you an understanding of the flats useful commodities.

We are available to answer to your questions and demands daily during the time of your stay.

  1. Canceling conditions :

The amount paid during your reservation is considered to be a downpayement. The renter as the possibility to cancel the booking and to brake the contract within those conditions :

  • Cancelling two months prior your stay will aloow you to get a full bank draft refund, minus the bank fees.
  • Cancelling between less than two months and over a month before the date written on your rental, you will be able to get a full refund less the bank fees, if a new renter takes your réservation.

If not, your down payement will stay valid for a year for the same flat, starting on the anniversary date of your rental.

  • You will loose your deposit if you Cancel a month or less before the date written on your contract. Unless another renter is found, then your downpayement will be sent back to you less the banking fees.
  • Discounts granted for a long time stay will be canceled if the length is shortened. The monthly or weekly rate will be applied.
  • We encourage you to have a travel insurance.
  1. Electricity, gas and phone expenses.

All our rentals offer include water, electricity and heating. Phone is incuded up to a reasonable level and pay TV channels are not included.`

  1. Using the phone :

All our flats are equipped with an unlimitted phone access, a number of cabled international channels, free local and worldwide phone calls.

After receiving the monthly phone bill we will be able to determine exactly the amount of your consumption. Before sending back your deposit, we will check if you went over the limit hence we will deduct the amount.

  1. Are we pet friendly ?

We dot not accept pets in our flats.

  1. Do I need to take towels or linens ?

We provide fresh towels and lines in all our flats according to the number of guests during their stay.

A new set will be given every week if it is a long term stay.

  1. The cleanlness of the flat :

The flat is cleaned prior to your arrival, we ask you to keep it inthe same state of cleanliness as you found it. If you need it it, we arrange for housekeeping services

(XX,XX€/hour VAT included)

  1. Other queries ?

In case we have not answered all your questions, send us an email “contact at louis-apartments.com” or call us.